As part of our exit from Amateur Accessories Hamfesting,
We have greatly reduced or eliminated our stock of
Vibroplex Products

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From "the oldest name in amateur radio"

It's NEW and Available... NOW !


Mention the name "VIBROPLEX" in any group over 45 and just listen to the stories. These people lived "History" in the making. The "History" of "VIBROPLEX" that is. For over 107 years "VIBROPLEX" has helped America stay strong and free. Why not own some of that history yourself!

The Original Vibroplex "BUG"
Available in Gold, Presentation, Deluxe and Standard models.

Original Presentation w/Bug Tamer and Vari-Speed The Original Vibroplex"Bug" Presentation Model shown with "Vari-Speed" and "Bug-Tamer" (no longer available) kits
  with "Vari-Speed" attached Vari-Speed    
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Attending one of the many hamfests at which we display ? ...come get a piece of history, you might even meet a fellow ham who used one of our keys to help preserve our American Freedom.

Hand Keys One of our "Best Sellers" at Dayton, Dallas and Orlando the past few years has been the "VIBROPLEX" Straight (Hand) Key. Available in a Standard and Deluxe version as well as the Know Code version.

Hand Key Deluxe Straight Key Deluxe:
Has a polished chrome base and chrome top parts.

Hand Key Standard Straight Key Standard:
The "bright decorative chrome top parts"
sit on a "black textured finished base."

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Square Racers The "Square Racer"!
This fine addition to the Vibroplex line comes in a powder coated black base, Racer Standard the "Standard" Model. This key features chrome plated brass upper frame pieces with the magnetic action of the "Brass Racer" but on a heavier square steel base for less movement around the operating desk.
Also available is the "Deluxe" Model, Racer Deluxe a fully chrome version with the same fine smoooooth magnetic action. See them both in person at our booth at one of the many hamfests we attend each year.

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...and now, in this the third millennium, no ham shack is complete without the "Millennium Bug"...
Blue Racer - Left view (124,120 bytes) The revived Blue Racer 2000 comes in a beautiful BLUE powder coat or in a fully chromed version.

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Looking for a small smooth operating iambic paddle?
Check out the Vibroplex Code Warrior JuniorTM   CODE WARRIOR JUNIOR         the Chrome Warrior   Code Warrior Chrome

                                        or the new LITE Warrior in chromed aluminum       Code Warriors on Scale       less than half the weight of the Chrome Warrior at only 10 ounces.

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And ... wait 'til you see the DOUBLE KEY!!!
The Double comes with the new Deluxe Hand Key and your choice of either the Vibrokeyer Deluxe or, my favorite, the Iambic Deluxe. Double Iambic Deluxe
The cost is reasonable too!! Besides it takes up less room on the bench than two separate keys.

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Other keys:

The Iambic is also available in Gold, Presentation, Deluxe and Standard.

The Vibrokeyer comes in Gold, Deluxe and Standard. VibroKeyer GOLD

We also offer the Brass Racer Iambic and its larger cousin -
- the Square Brass Racer.

We also stock the entire line of
"MFJ" and "Vectronics" Keyers and Keyer Kits.

Let us help decorate your "shack" in Genuine VIBROPLEX!!

New VIBROPLEX prices and shipping charges, effective May 1, 2012!
Note: Due to the continuing increase in shipping and insurance costs, we are no longer able to offer FREE Shipping on Web orders.
Instead, we now have special Web Exclusive pricing...
See Shipping note below

VIBROPLEX LOGO Price List (February 1, 2012)
Web Orders Only
Item \ Model Presentation Gold Deluxe  Standard
the "Triple Key"     "Original Bug"  with "HandKey"  and "Iambic"  or "VibroKeyer"
(Specify Model)   $1127.95 $751.95 -
the "Double Key"     "HandKey"  with "Iambic"  or "VibroKeyer"  
(Specify Model)   $422.95 $357.95 $328.95
"Original Bug"  with "HandKey""Iambic"  or "VibroKeyer"    
(Specify Model)   $751.95 $469.95 -
the "Original Bug" $318.95 $356.95 $242.95 $186.95
the "100th Anniversary Bug"   Special Black Japanned Finish $209.95
the "Blue Racer - 2000   The Millennium Bug" $242.95 $204.95
Left Handed Bugs - add $25  
* *  NEW !  * * "VibroCube"       * *  NEW !  * * $272.95
* Jeweled *
the "Iambic" $272.95 $289.95 $186.95 $149.95
the "VibroKeyer" $289.95 $186.95 $149.95
the "HandKey"   $289.95 $186.95 $149.95
the "Square Racer" (Chrome or Powder Coated - Steel Base) $139.95 $122.95
the "Brass Racer" (All Brass - Square or Triangular Oak Base) $139.95 $139.95
the "Code Warrior Jr." (Chrome or Black Powder Coated) $139.95 $102.95
the "Lite Warrior"   Chrome Plated Aluminum $159.95 -
Accessories - Books - Gift items:
Dust Cover Clear Acrylic Original $35.95   Double Key $40.95
Double - Original $40.95   Triple Key $54.95
Iambic-VibroKeyer-Hand Key $34.95   Warrior $29.95
Square Brass Racer $29.95   Bencher BY-1 34.95
Display Case Original, Blue Racer - 2000, Champion, etc. $119.00
  Iambic - VibroKeyer - Hand Key $119.00
Weights "Round" for Original, etc.   Small - Medium or Large $12.00
"Square" for Champ, etc.   Small $20.00   Large $23.00
Miscellaneous K6JW Conversion Paddle Set $14.95   Vari-Speed $34.95
Code Warrior RED Paddle Set $14.95    
Cord & Plug (2- or 3-WIRE) with #8 Spade Lugs, 1/8" Plug & 1/4" adapter $11.95
Cord & Plug (2- or 3-WIRE) with #6 Ring Lugs, 1/8" Plug & 1/4" adapter $11.95  
Keys-III World of Keys (CD-ROM) Closeout $9.95   post paid
Items shown with italicized prices are not regularly stocked. Expect two week delivery.

UPS GROUND - steel base Vibroplex Keys... $12.00 for one, $15.00 for two or Double Key...
Code Warrior Jr. and Brass Racer... $10.00 for one, $12 for two...
Accessories ordered separately, Priority Mail - $6.00, UPS Ground - $8.00


ALABAMA residents add state sales tax, 4% of merchandise total.


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